The Stealth Mouse is the world's finest mouse, developed especially for mapping.

  • Pick the original Stealth 1 Mouse (S1), the Stealth 2 Mouse (S2), the smaller Stealth 3 Mouse (S3) or the brand new Stealth 4 (S4)
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue
  • 10 High quality Swiss-made buttons rated at 10 million cycles
  • Up to 32 functions (application dependent)
  • High Resolution Z-Wheel
  • Optical Mouse Mechanism provides fast, high-resolution, and accurate pointing, and eliminates cleaning problems
  • S4 Mouse joysticks for faster motion and application specific features
  • Design protected by US Patent Nos. D457884, D615980 and 8648804
  • Made in USA
  • FCC Mark and CE Mark Approved FCC Mark

The Stealth Hand Wheels / Foot Pedals for mapping

  • Mouse or Hand Wheels, or choose both!* Also, foot pedals available for use with mouse.*
  • High quality steel construction: Hand wheels, foot disk and three foot pedals.
  • High resolution encoders for precision movement.
  • Compatible with Stealth Mouse.

*Selected application software only.



Six interface standards for use with most application software.

  • V-Type - USB version of Immersion Softmouse® 3D Mouse Compatible with up to 20 functions. USB connector and Virtual Com Port.
  • Z-Type - USB version with Stealth protocol. Supports up to 32 functions.
  • U-Type - USB HID system mouse version. Also, see N-Type above.
  • S-Type - USB Virtual Com Port version with Stealth protocol. Supports up to 32 functions. (Older version available with Com port and external power supply. Not recommended.)
  • N-Type - USB HID System mouse, but buttons can be read only from game port interface. Provides 10 independent buttons.
  • E-Type - Older version of V-Type mouse with COM port and external power supply. Not recommended.



The Stealth Mouse works with the following products, and many more:

  • ALL software supporting the Immersion Softmouse is compatible with the Stealth E-Mouse and I-Mouse versions
  • ALL software supporting the 3D Puck is compatible with the Stealth Serial version









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