Our happy clients

The Stealth 3D Mouse fits perfectly in your hands, is easy-to-use and an extremely durable input device that I have used in my everyday production for many years.

Mr. Richard Delgado - Surveyor/Geospatial Specialist for EPS Group, Mesa AZ

Stealth products provide us with a solid interface to our specialized photogrammetric mapping applications. The free motion mouse design is smooth and reliable, with plenty of customizable button features. We also find their custom built handwheel and foot pedal interface box to be a great asset for alternate methods of digitizer input.

Brad Cole - Advanced Mapping Technologies

Cardinal System and its customers have relied on the Stealth 3D mouse products for many years. These products are accurate, reliable and ergonomic. Users of the Stealth 3D products spend many hours collecting valuable 3D data in which a comfortable and flexible input device is required. It helps that the professionals at Stealth International grew up in the business and consult with software developers and users when developing their products. This intimate knowledge of the user’s needs along with excellent service make the Stealth 3D products the gold standard in our industry.

Mike Kitaif


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