Stealth International, LLC was established in 2001 as a joint venture between Geometric Computer Services Inc. of San Rafael, CA and Panorama Research, Inc. of Tucson, AZ. Both of these company’s principles have been involved in photogrammetry for over 45 years.


Since the introduction of the Stealth Mouse in 2001, we have become the de-facto leader in the field of photogrammetric mice. With four mouse designs and several interface protocols, Stealth provides compatibility for all known photogrammetric applications.


Stealth International, LLC is a joint venture between Geometric Computer Services, Inc. and Panorama Research, Inc.. It has been established specifically to take over development, promotion, sales and service of the Stealth 3D Mouse and related products. The Stealth 3D Mouse was a development of ABC Software Developers, which continues to provide support for its other products.


ABC Software Developers is a pioneer in the Mapping field, offering a full range of software, services and turnkey systems for remote sensing, mapping systems, data analysis, GIS and more. We have been in the business since 1989. Our newest software represents the leading technology in mapping today.


To contact us, you can find us on our dealers and repairs section.



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