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    Stealth Serial Mouse

    Developer’s Guide

    This paper is intended to provide a starting point for developers who wish to integrate the Stealth Serial Mouse with their software.

    The information provided here in respect to Windows programming has not been verified by the author in all cases with actual examples. Please do your own investigations.

    1. The Stealth Serial Mouse
    2. The device is an ergonomic, two-handed mouse with 10 buttons and a Z-Wheel. It has an optical XY motion sensor, a high-resolution wheel, and is compatible with the 3D Mouse from Threed-For-Me.

      The mouse can be used with any computer that supports serial ports.

      The mouse can be programmed for up to 1023 functions. By pressing combinations of buttons, up to 1023 functions can be generated.

      The Stealth 3D Mouse buttons are arranged like this:


    3. Mouse Driver Software
    4. For operating systems like Microsoft Windows, the standard operating system serial port drivers are needed, in addition to special programming by the application.

    5. Communicating with the Mouse

    The mouse supports two way communication.

    Sending Data to the Mouse

    The Mouse accepts only one command. The command is , carriage return. When sending the mouse will respond with the firmware version number like this: Vxx. Where xx is a two digit version number between 10 and 99.

    Receiving Data from the Mouse

    The mouse sends data automatically in the following cases: 1) When motion is detected, 2) When a Button is pressed, 3) When a Button is released. The data stream looks like the following: BbbbXxxxYyyyZzzz. Code bbb is the button code. Button 1 sends the code 1, button 2 sends 2, button 3 sends 4, button 4 sends 8, etc. If all 10 buttons are pressed at one time, the code is 1023. Code xxx, yyy, and zzz are the X, Y, and Z coordinates. The values are generally between –50 and 50. Codes are not sent if the value is zero. Here are several examples:


    Button 1 is pressed. X has changed by 1, Y has changed by 1 and Z has changed by 1


    X has changed by 1 and Z has changed by -3


    Buttons 4 and 5 are both pressed, and Z has changed by -1


    All 10 buttons have been pressed


    All buttons have been released






    Timothy Roberts, Development Director

    ABC Software Developers

    30 April, 2001

    Email: info@stealth3dmouse.com

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